Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WiFi Analyzer - Another Great App For The Wifi Toolbox

Every now and then I come across a iPhone app that has some of the features that my ultimate wardriving app would have. Wifi analyzer is no different, it hasn't got all of my wishlist features but it certainly has a few.

The features I'm talking about are useful from a wardriving perspective but even more useful for siting my Access Point or when trying to find to get the best signal. Another use would be when tracking down that rogue access point that I might have detected.

When firing up WiFi Analyzer I'm presented with a list of Access Points, the signal strength and the encryption in use. This is all pretty standard stuff that all my other WiFi apps do.

I can drill down into the individual Access Points but what I really like is being able to select an Access Point and home in on it by signal strength.

Here I can easily see when I am getting the best signal as I move around. This also makes pinpointing those rogue Access Points a piece of cake.

Another feature I really like with Wifi Analyzer is the graph feature.

Here I can see overlapping networks and I'll be able to make educated decisions on the selection of the channel to use for my AP to prevent interference from neighbors AP's. Alternatively I could use WiFi Analyzers recommendations.

All in all a pretty handy tool to add to your iPhone toolbox in my opinion.

UPDATE: Apple have removed this and the other wardriving apps from the app store. The bunch of dicks!!!!!

Oh well, jailbreaking looks all the more tempting now.