Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WiFi Analyzer - Another Great App For The Wifi Toolbox

Every now and then I come across a iPhone app that has some of the features that my ultimate wardriving app would have. Wifi analyzer is no different, it hasn't got all of my wishlist features but it certainly has a few.

The features I'm talking about are useful from a wardriving perspective but even more useful for siting my Access Point or when trying to find to get the best signal. Another use would be when tracking down that rogue access point that I might have detected.

When firing up WiFi Analyzer I'm presented with a list of Access Points, the signal strength and the encryption in use. This is all pretty standard stuff that all my other WiFi apps do.

I can drill down into the individual Access Points but what I really like is being able to select an Access Point and home in on it by signal strength.

Here I can easily see when I am getting the best signal as I move around. This also makes pinpointing those rogue Access Points a piece of cake.

Another feature I really like with Wifi Analyzer is the graph feature.

Here I can see overlapping networks and I'll be able to make educated decisions on the selection of the channel to use for my AP to prevent interference from neighbors AP's. Alternatively I could use WiFi Analyzers recommendations.

All in all a pretty handy tool to add to your iPhone toolbox in my opinion.

UPDATE: Apple have removed this and the other wardriving apps from the app store. The bunch of dicks!!!!!

Oh well, jailbreaking looks all the more tempting now.


Christian said...

Hey Syn,

I tried searching for "wifi analyzer" in the App Store but had no results. Is this a jailbroken app, or is it called something else in the store?



anonymous coward said...

Looks interesting.


Anonymous said...

Does this app have a new name now? I can't find it in the iTunes store...

SynJunkie said...

i need to look into this but according to a comment left by David the developer on yFy Network Finder, all wardriving apps have been removed from the App Store. WTF!!!!

Christian said...


That sucks - why would they do that? *Shakes fist @ Apple*

Anonymous said...

Wififofum is definitely missing from App store as well.

Sherwyn aka (Infolookup) said...

That sucks, I don't personally own an Iphone but I have friends who would have loved this app. Luckily as @syn stated Jail breaking is an option!

SynJunkie said...

It does suck. I still don't get what Apple achieve from this is like a lose lose situation, customers lose and developers lose!

Asafe said...

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how glad I am to have found you're blog.
You're doing a great job at testing and explaining the various areas you're going into.

Thank you very much for sharing.

SynJunkie said...

Asafe - Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the feedback and as soon as I have achieved anther objective I will be back with some fun stuff.



javatard said...

Makes me happy I got a Droid! I have Wardriver, wifi analyzer and a few others. And the best part, I was able to code (slaughter) the source code for Wardriver to make it do some thigns I wanted it to.
And for those looking for a phone, the Motorola Droid is blazing fast. (Though I never owned an iPhone, just played with some.)

SynJunkie said...

apart from the wifi banning business i'm totally happy with the iphone. i'm just glad i got plenty of wifi apps before the ban. The Droid does look pretty cool though!

Anonymous said...

I updated to OS 4.0 on my iPhone 3G & it removed my Wi-fi Analyzer App completely! Apple - if you're listening- this is tantamount to theft. Obviously I can no longer get the app. I found it extremely useful & had never any intention of using it for any other than legitimate purposes. Apple - treat your customers with more respect.

SynJunkie said...

same happened to me, AND my iphone now runs like a 3 legged dog!

Not a happy fanboy at the moment!

Matthew said...

Simply jailbreak your iPhone, open cydia,click manage, click edit, click add,type,click add source. Open cydia, click search, type WiFi Analyzer, click install and enjoy.