Monday, February 1, 2010

Systray Recognition System

Impressive title eh. Well okay I'll admit it, the system is effectively this blog post and your ability to inconspicuously squint as you take in all the systray icons on other peoples computers.

What's the Systray?
The Systray is the area on the windows taskbar near the clock, properly referred to as the Notification Area I think. Often installed programs will display a small icon here indicating that they are running and the icon may change depending on the state of the program. It's important that attention is paid to the subtle differences in the icons, for example, a slight colour change may indicate that a program is running or not running.

Why blog about this?
Well I'm always checking out other peoples systray icons and wondering what programs they represent. After not having much luck with finding a good list on the web to refer to I thought I would create one. I have set myself a goal of seeing how many icons I can get in the list within the month of February. I'll continue to add new ones after that but this will be my focus in February because I'm going to be quite busy at work and I'm studying for an exam at the end of the month.

Why is the relevance to security?
Recognising systray icons will not only tell you about the software installed and the state of that software (running, not running, enabled, disabled, version etc...) but will also tell you about the person using the computer (Geek, salesman, lazy, Hax0r etc...) and we all know that smart hackers hack people not just computers. Systray icons will also tell you if that person is connected back to the office, if they are running encryption software etc... These are all the things that i'm interested in and I imagine some people reading my blog are interested in as well. If you need any further convincing I suggest you watch Johnny Longs excellent "No Tech Hacking" presentation.

Any comments, suggestions, corrections or submissions will be greatly appreciated. So lets bring on the icons!

Remote Management

VNC server -Not connected

VNC Server - Connected

Remotely Anywhere


Anti-Virus / Security

Avira - running

Avira - Not Running


McAfee On Access Scanner


Sophos - Running

Sophos - Out of date

Sophos - Disabled

AVG - old version

AVG - V 8.5

AVG - V 8.5 - Outdated / Connection failed

AVG - Running

AVG - Paused



ZoneAlarm – No Traffic

ZoneAlarm – Internet Locked

ZoneAlarm - Running

Microsoft Defender - Active

Microsoft Defender - Running

PCTools Threatfire - Enabled

PCTools Threatfire - Disabled

Tiny Personal Firewall v 2.0.15


 Bluetooth - Disabled

Bluetooth - Enabled

Cisco VPN - Not connected

Cisco VPN - Connected

Wifi - Connected

Wifi - Not Connected

LAN - Connected

LAN - Disconnected

Cisco Network Magic - Running

Cisco Network Magic - Not Running







MS Security Center - Warning

MS Windows Updates - Warning

MS Office 2003

VMWare Tools installed

MS Outlook - New Mail

Synaptec Pointing Device


Night Watchman Power Management

Daemon Tools

Daemon Tools - Emulation Enabled

Daemon Tools - Emulation Disabled

Realtek HD audio Manager

Unlocker Assistant


Thanks to the following for submitting icons:



Jeff said...

Are you willing to take icon submissions?

SynJunkie said...

Sure am. Please send them to synjunkie at gmail dot com

If possible let me know what version of the program the icon is for, as i would like to update the existing icons with versions at some stage.


Anonymous said...

The first two antivirus icons are not Avast, they're Avira.

SynJunkie said...

Updated - Cheers for the correction.

Anonymous said...

For "Remote Management" There is also the tray icon for

SynJunkie said...

Thats great. Can you email me a screenshot?

Anonymous said...

Fucking fantastic!! Been looking for this for ages...