Sunday, December 27, 2009

The SynJunkie Lab - Part 2

This is just a very quick followup post to get a couple of diagrams posted following a few of requests after my last blog post.

I'll start off by saying that the network details I'm posting are for a test lab that I am currently preparing for some future blob posts. I'm not overly concerned about posting these details as they are for my lab which will be pretty much trashed when I've finished a few blog posts I have planned. The network is segmented off from my own network so anything I let loose on the Walliford LAN is not going to impact my wifes Facebook usage! (Got to get the priorities straight).

The image below shows the 2 laptops and a netbook I have and how I use them in respects to the lab.

I usaually just fire up a DC and whichever hosts are needed depending on what I'm testing. This just goes to show that if your not doing anything to heavy on the VM's you really can create a lab on a shoestring budget.

Below is the diagram of the Walliford LAN as it would look if it were a real network. Obviously there would be additional hosts and other network devices but what I have created is enough for me to test most of the functionality of my tools, and the range of host I have (Mail, SQL, Web etc...) is enough to keep me busy for a while yet.

This is the LAN which Bob will be playing with in the next series of Bob posts which I plan for the new year.

As you can see, I'm no diagramming expert but what I have is good enough to help me step through the network as i'm planning my posts. I'll probably tweak and adjust the diagrams as needed but for now they'll do.

Anyway, thats about it for this post. As I said it was just about getting the diagrams out.




Anonymous said...

Great blog. Love it. Just a quick question: What modeling tool (and version) do you use for your diagrams?

SynJunkie said...

Thanks. its an old version of Visio. 2003 I think. I'm a little vague as it's on a different system that is elsewhere at the moment.

Anonymous said...

It me again. It looks like it was 2007. I just got 2007 and it has those same icons. Thanks

SynJunkie said...

Oh. I totally forgot to update the post with that.