Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BackTrack4 Pre-Release

I have just grabbed a copy of the latest release of BackTrack4 and it's gotta be the best yet. It works perfectly in a parallels VM and will soom be making it's way onto my hacktop.

From the start of July, each week I'll be picking a tool from the distribution and digging down into it to hopefully demonstrate the usage and possible scenarios where the tool may be employed.

This is something I have been meaning to do for quite a while and now with the new release upon us it seems like the perfect chance. I know I'll certainly benefit from becoming familiar with these tools and maybe someone else will get something from my posts as well.



LonerVamp said...

Excellent idea! I've also wanted to do that for some time, going through BackTrack tool-by-tool to demonstrate (and learn for myself!) some of them. God help me find the time, though! :)

Looking forward to when you start this!

SynJunkie said...

Yeah, just looking through the tools i'm already thinking "Shit! this is gonna take some time"

Oh well. I'm sure it's nothing compared to the time the guys put into making the distro.

TAPE said...

Looking forward to your posts on this baby ! It has been the most fun I had in ages getting to learn the basics on BT3F, looking forward to learning a bit more with your excellent posts !

Andy said...

I've been thinking for a while of putting Backtrack on a laptop and making something portable. I was just wondering what kind of hardware you're using?

I was thinking of maybe an Aspire One or something small and probably an Alfa USB wireless dongle for wireless work.

Do you have any recommendations?



James said...

I can't wait to see your writeups! don't get discouraged.

LonerVamp said...

Yeah, exactly! But it's really just about the getting start, at least. Do a month's worth and the habit is formed!

Rob Fuller (mubix) said...

Great minds must think alike, cause I was going to start July 1 - with videos "The Month of BT Tools" ;-), jumping on the "Month of" band wagon. Can't wait to see what you cook up.

SynJunkie said...

Likewise Rob. You got me on the video's though, with having a pretty new baby in the house I just about got time for words and pictures.

SynJunkie said...

Andy - Hi, regarding the laptop/netbook, in the past I have used a first gen Asus. That worked well but I upgraded to an Aspire One and haven't looked back. I have it dual-booting with Ubuntu and Windows, for the likes of Cain, Network Miner & Netwitness but also because the battery life is slightly better under XP.

I know on the Remote Exploit forums there is some pretty good info on hardware that works with the various BT versions. To me though, Acer Aspire One offered alot for the low price. The Wifi card works well and I had kismet up within minutes.

Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

Perfect ... I've been looking at the AAO recently and you've just made up my mind. I'll get BT4 dual-booting and await your offerings! I'll also look forward to what Rob might produce. I hope that the "was" in his post doesn't mean that he's going to pull the plug on the videos.

Andy said...

Syn - Great, an Aspire One it is! That's all the recommendation i need! Thanks for all the great posts so far, and i'll be looking forward to what's to come for Backtrack!

Rob Fuller (mubix) said...

Hey Syn, just thought you might like the following to help you along:


SynJunkie said...

Thanks Mubix, got slightly bogged down with trying to study for a CCNA but i'll be picking up with this over the next week.

Hope the wedding goes well.