Saturday, May 2, 2009

Toying With Terminal Services - Part 1

Whilst on holiday this week I began to get bored in the evenings with no internet access and whilst everyone else watched TV. So I decided to set myself a little VM lab up on my Mac and play with Terminal Services.

My aim was pretty simple, from a very locked down desktop I wanted to bypass the restrictions put in place and see how I could get to programs that the admin had tried to prevent me from getting to.

As we can see, all I have access to is a desktop with Notepad. No right click, Internet Options are restricted, the desktop is extremely locked down by group policies.

So once again I'm on the hunt for holes in the group policy so I can enumerate the domain and get to websites to post data or for additional tools etc...

As I start to hunt around I figured instead of accessing the desktop as I am supposed to, what if I configured my RDP client to launch one of the programs that I need straight after login instead of going to the desktop.

And what do you know........Bingo!

Although in group policy the admin could have restricted access to cmd.exe it's pretty hard to run login scripts etc.. so most admins won't, they'll just make it difficult to get to.

Of course this worked for launching an MMC also, and pretty much any program. Again the snappins for MMC's can be restricted in group policy but how many admins are going to go to that level?

Coming up.......More Terminal Services goodness.

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