Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yet Another Security Podcast

I joined Twitter last night. I'd held off for quite a while but figured what the hell, everyone else is lovin it so it couldn't be too bad. Well within a few hours of joining I found a few people out there that I figured would have similar interests so I 'followed' them.

Now anyone who knows me is aware that I have a horrible commute and I'm always looking for new podcasts to make the trip to and from work as educational as possible. Well thanks to following Mubix I learnt of the Exotic Liability Podcast. They have about 6 shows out so far and interview some of the big names in the security/hacking arena such as Val Smith and Chris Gates.

Exotic Liability is a show thats along the same lines as Security Justice and Securabit, so if you like those shows then this is one for you. For the moment though, although Exotic Liability is showing promise I think for now though I'll be keeping Risky Business, Paul dot com and Radio Free Security as the top 3 on my playlist.


-epy()nx said...

Episode 3 was one of the funniest and enlightening podcasts I have heard in a while Syn.

CG said...

Not sure i'd say "big name" for me but thanks for the mention!


SynJunkie said...

Episode 3 was very good, they all have been in my opinion.