Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Iphone Wardriving Goodness

WiFiFoFum have upgraded their Iphone application and I thought it was well worth posting about because it's making great use of the inbuilt GPS on the 3G Iphone.

We still have the Radar and Networks view.

But now you have the option to enable logging before a wardrive. In the screenshot below you can see a few previous logs.

After creating a log from a wardrive you will be able select it and you'll be asked if you want to view it in Maps or email it to yourself.

If I choose to view the log in Maps I get taken straight into maps and I'm presented with a nice map of all the AP's I discovered on my wardrive.

If you choose the option to email yourself the .kml file you can simply save the file to your PC and then drag and drop the .kml file into Google Earth to see exactly where everything is.

How cool is this eh! The pins retain all the useful info such as encryption, channel number, MAC address etc.....

What would be great would be a different colour pin to denote different types of encryption, but I guess that's making life real easy.

Now go get yourself some exercise and get wardriving!


Ed Smiley said...

Awesome! Gonna try it tomorrow on my way to work. Great Blog!


Ian said...

thats awesome...think that App can work with the Ipod touch? its almostthe same thing as the iphone

SynJunkie said...

I don't think the touch has a built in GPS. Do you have an external one?

SynJunkie said...

Thanks Ed. Thanks for throwing a link in twitter.

David Paton bSC said...

Hi there,

Just curious if this does actually work with the iPod touch? The logging that is? Everything else works grand it's just the logging I'm curious about. You couldn't upload a screenshot of your settings?



SynJunkie said...


Does your touch have a GPS to collect the logging information? I know when i had a touch (1st generation) it didn't have a built in GPS.



David Paton said...

That'll be the problem. Picked up a cheap first generation in order to check this stuff out and I've neglected to notice the GPS.

It's grand however the rest of the stuff is more than enough to go on.

Thanks again, looking forward to more stuff on the iPod/iPhone wardriving in the future.

Anonymous said...

Well, I bought Wififofum, only to discover they upload the GPS loads to their own server before you can view them in Google Maps.

Total dealbreaker. I really DO NOT want to have someone else have access to my whereabouts. What is worse is their application sends them my iPhones unique ID.

So please do not support Wififofum. :(

SynJunkie said...

Yeah that is a downer about there access to your logs but in my opinion the software has enough features without the GPS logging to warrant the £2.00 price point. Unfortunately, wardriving with an Iphone still has a way to go. Of course there is kismet but i hear that it won't run on the Marval chipset so at the moment WiFiFoFum is the best there is for GPS logging.

Bosshogg said...

Hey, so great site. Love the posts that I've been reading through. Anyway, just found this one and thought I'd drop you a note. I've been wardriving for about 6 years now. Started writing war driving software for the old Palm OS with an app called WiFi-Where. I've just finished getting a version published for iPhone/iPod Touch and thought you you might be interested in it. You can see some of the shots at my site:
If you want a free copy to take a look at shoot me an email to jon at that domain and I'll hook you up. No strings attached. Really just want to make a great app.



SynJunkie said...

Hi Jon, thanks for the comment. i'll definitely keep an eye open for your app in the appstore. i'm always on the lookout for new iPhone wifi apps and i'd love to review it on my site.


SynJunkie said...

Jon - Thanks for the comment and the redeem code. I wont publish that comment as I don't know if other readers would be able to use it. I won't be using the code myself as I'm a firm believer in paying developers for decent applications and from what I have seen so far this looks to be the best wardriving app for the iPhone that I have seen. I'll certainly be doing a post on it when I have used all the features properly.

Great work.


David Grant said...

As long as you're checking out new apps, have a look at yFy Network Finder. This app raises the bar on iPhone wardriving. It is database driven and tracks all of its data. It aggressively scans and improves its data with each use. The fully integrated mapping features make this app stand out from the rest. You can watch your map being built as you are scanning. It works best for iPhone 3G/3GS because of the internal gps hardware. The original iPhone will not make maps anywhere near as accurate. iPod Touch support is coming for the version 1.1 update, as well as more user requested features and an even more efficient scanning engine.


Thanks, and Enjoy!

SynJunkie said...

Thanks for the tip David. I purchased the app first thing this morning. Wow, it's a beautiful looking app and I would say it kicks ass for finding rogue access points or for pinpointing any access point but due to the lack of exporting features I wouldn't replace wifi-where just yet.

I'd really like to spend some more time and review it this weekend maybe.



David Grant said...

Just FYI, the iPhone is no longer war driving friendly on the app store. ALL of the wifi scanning apps have been abruptly removed from the store.

Look for yFy Network Finder to reappear for jailbroken devices very soon.

Thanks Apple, I wasn't having a bad enough day... Ptbtbtbtfth...