Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Story of an Newbie Hax0r - Introduction

This story will again be a little different from my previous stories as I plan to introduce some social engineering techniques. I'm not sure how long this story will run for as yet. This is just a fictitious story and no Windows boxes were harmed during the making of these posts.

As always I welcome any feedback and these posts are just a bit of fun and anyone using techniques described here to access systems should get permission first.

Setting The Scene

It started out with an ad I heard on an underground podcast.

"Were sponsored by Hackers On Site, their specialty is hacking people and their technologies. Now, in the past you’ve thought, oh, I would like to hire a hacker, somebody to help me hack a system or root a box. But you’ve wondered, how can I know whether they’re any good or not? And that’s a real problem. That’s why you’re going to love Hackers On Site. All Hackers on Hackers On Site are independent Hackers, but they’re certified, and they have a University of Hackerology. There not hacking for themselves but they are by themselves.

And in fact they’re looking for new Hackers. So if you want to be a Hacker, you can. Hackers On Site is in Canada, U.S., Mexico, England, Australia, South Africa, and Beyond"

I can't believe it, all I do is run a little security website and I get an email asking if I want to join Hackers On Site. I guess I am pretty active in a few forums and on IRC but this is great, it's like my dream come true. The email said I can work as much or as little as I want, they will offer me hacking assignments and if I am available I can do them. What a gig! All I have to do is prove myself on this first job and then pick up further instructions. And the best part is and I get paid for doing what I enjoy most. Okay so there's a risk, but lets face it, theres a risk that i'll get hit by a bus but I still cross the road!Link

Well my first assignment turned up today. My job is to gain a foothold on the internal network at a targets site, once done I'll receive further instructions. I have 2 weeks to get on the targets LAN and a budget of £500.

The target in question is Scanned4U. A company that specializes scanning paper archives and archiving them in digital format.

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