Monday, January 26, 2009

Privacy/Security via Polution

Recently when I was gathering a little information from social networks for an upcoming blog post something occurred to me. I was looking at the detail of the information coming back to assess the viability of a targeted attack. Now supposing my target had purposely poisoned the information by spreading misinformation about himself it would effectively make my job of profiling him much harder. Gone would be those "hi, we went to school and i saw this picture of you and thought it was hilarious" emails, and those "I see your interested in mountain biking and thought you might like the offer on this website" messages in Facebook.

Obviously if you enjoy those targeted adds that rely on accurate data to send you the latest offers that may be applicable to you then it might not be for you, but honestly, how often have you bought the tennis shoes, viagra or magic hair pills?


dust said...

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