Friday, September 5, 2008

Hacktop Refresh

Recently I gave my Asus eee hacktop a bit of a makeover. After a bit of googling I settled on eeebuntu. I'm a big Ubuntu fan and this seemed to be a nice looking custom distro for the eee.

After downloading the iso from the sight and whacking it on a USB using the utility on the site it was as simple as rebooting and going straight into the live CD (or USB in this case) to test.

Everything worked straight out of the box, the wireless, the camera, sound, ACPI, I mean everything.

The interface is well designed, looks polished and proffesional and makes using a small screen much more fun. I love gnome on the desktop but when your screen real estate is restricted this does the job.

I had no hestitations in opting to install permanently. After the install I was able to easily customise the interface to suit my needs and I had my favourite tools within minutes.

For more details visit eeebuntu here


Anonymous said...

Could you please post short installation step by step guide.
I can install, but some errors is appearing before I'm starting metasploit.

SynJunkie said...

Hi Anonymous,

i found it pretty much worked out the box, First i got the ruby bits I needed:

apt-get install ruby libruby rdoc libyaml-ruby libzlib-ruby libopenssl-ruby libdl-ruby libreadline-ruby libiconv-ruby rubygems libgtk2-ruby and libglade2-ruby

And then I just grabbed metasploit from the website, extracted it to a folder, went into the Framework folder ad ran ./msfconsole

That was it!

I do know that the latest ubuntu (ibex) had issues with metasploit, so you might be better with Hardy if those are not sorted yet.

hope this helps