Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pauldotcom Security Weekly

I thought I would start my podcast reviews with this one as it's one of my favourites and it's podcast I never miss. PSW is hosted by Larry and Paul and they often have guest hosts. The candian baby maker was one such host that contributed to the show with some great reverse engineering tech topics.

Although I have listened to the show for quite a while, it went through a stage where the content suffered due to too much off topic banter. I did consider dropping it in favour of some other great podcasts but I stuck with it and I'm glad I did as now the structure, content and production quality are all fantastic. The show has improved greatly over the past year with some excellent interviews from security industry favourites such as Johnny Long and Ed Skoudis. Paul and Larry also produce excellent show notes detailing the technical discussions.

PSW is a weekly podcast that lasts about an hour on average. The show usually starts off with announcements advertising SANS courses and the like but quickly gets into some quality tech topics. The tech topics are very hacking related and recent topics have covered things such as setting up Snort, analysis of meta data, securing Apache and using open-source tools such as Nessus and Metasploit. Tech topics are usually followed by the discussion of new interesting stories that have hit the security news.

I would recommend this podcast to anyone interested in hacking or security as I never finish listening to an episode without learning something new and interesting.

PSW website can be found here

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