Monday, June 30, 2008

Podcast Reviews

I am currently very busy studying for the CISSP certification during most of my spare time, so over the next couple of months I will be spending time reviewing the podcasts I listen to. These will be short reviews that hopefully somebody might stumble across and find useful.

I am a massive podcast fan and I have learned so much from all of the podcasts I will be reviewing. If anyone reading this is interested in any techie area and you have not discovered podcasts yet, you are really missing out. I guarantee that once you start listening to them you will not look back.

If you are wondering what podcasts are, imaging listening to a radio show on your favourite subject by people who are passionate about that subject and who's aim is to pass on things they have learned.

I will be reviewing podcasts that cover the following areas.

  • Security
  • Tech Topics
  • Linux
Oh, and one last thing. Podcasts are free for the listener but the podcaster does have running costs. So if you find one that you like, please donate a few quid if you can or at least give feedback in the form of an email, a comment, an i-tunes review or an audio message.

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