Friday, December 7, 2007

What I'm Working On

The purpose of his post is just to list the blog projects i'm working on. To sort of commit to something and make sure i continue to get a post out every week.

The list is in no particular order. some topics are quick ones and others require more research. It all depends on what time a can make.

What's Coming Up

  • Windows 2003 Server Hardening
  • Recovering Files From a Formated Disk
  • Bluetooth Hacking
  • Captive Portal Fun
  • Passive Information Leakage
  • Securing Stuff with SSH

For the moment that's all.


System Jedi said...

Looking forward to seeing more articles =)

You've inspired me to follow suit and create a blog to document my learning.


SynJunkie said...

Hey thanks, and your blog looks very cool too, nice artwork!

I've been really busy getting ready for some exams and doing family stuff but there will be more posts soon.